Content Insights & Data API

We have the richest database for content availability in the world

Gain deep insights about content availability

We are active in over 139 countries and list content availability for over 600 streaming services and over 270,000 movies and shows.

We cover global and local streaming services, our data is refreshed at least every 24 hours and we use both AI and manual cross referencing to ensure our information is always as accurate and up to date as possible.

We also know what's hot and what's not. Demand data from our millions of daily users helps our clients understand popularity of content, both theirs and their competitors.

API and data exports

Our data is matched and deduplicated into a single ID (IMDb, TMDB, EIDR, etc.).
We offer APIs, custom data exports and dashboards to seamlessly incorporate our data into your workflow.

Learn more about our API documentation, data structure and widget solutions:

JustWatch API Documentation