Media Buying & Audience Insights

We are digital video experts. We buy better across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

We get entertainment

We buy media for the biggest movies, shows, games & sports. We have managed mostly video campaigns for thousands of titles across hundreds of markets.

We go further in
defining target audiences

We believe content tastes are a better way to define audiences than standard demographics.

Using our deep streaming guide database, we build taste based audiences that are bespoke to our clients content and then target these audiences across the major digital video platforms.

We offer scale

From cities, to countries, to regions, to worldwide, we have activated campaigns in over 100 countries. And on top of this, our streaming guide is live and local in 120 countries, which means we understand content tastes across the globe.

We’re built for
service & speed

We act like a tech company, not a media agency.

We’re not governed by legacy ways of doing things. We are fast and agile.

We build, we fix and we continuously strive to make better.

We have a centralized team with local language speakers and champion a customer first service culture.